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Innovative blockchain product

Unique scientific research

Complete transparency

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16.2.18 00:01 UTC Start date
Current Bonus 40%

New Markets

The goal of the project is to raise money in order to build a production facility in Canada for our existing product. The funds are needed to enter the North American market.

Advanced Technology

Combining the benefits of LED lighting for growing and hydroponics technologies, ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants.

Minimal Interaction

The product needs minimal customer involvement. The user’s main responsibilities are planting and harvesting, the rest is fully automated. Our customers may easily control and monitor cultivation cycles by smartphone or tablet. Due to a proper temperature regime and relative humidity average yields are up to 30% higher than the similar crops grown typical outdoor farming.

Product Line

ATF Home Grower “Strawberry”

As the name indicates, the Grower lets you grow smaller vegetables and fruits such as salads, herbs or fruits like strawberries for example. One can grow up to three different kinds of plants at the same time in three different levels with each 4 growing pods. This means you could grow 12 strawberry plants at the same time for example.

ATF Home Grower “Cannabis”

This Grower is a slightly modified version. It has no levels, but instead can house 2 plants in two vegetation cells that can grow higher (up to 140 cm). This can house larger plants such as Cannabis, tomatoes or cucumbers. With the grower you have access to almost daily fresh produce organic and ready for consumption.

Features and Overview


iOS and Android App

Chemical free. No pesticides

Fully automated vegetation processes

Short-term vegetation cycle

24 month manufacturer warranty

Climate control

Outstanding design

Token Information

Why invest in the ICO?


Working product

We have 2 patents and and our machines are thoroughly tested. The ATF Home growers are just waiting to start production.


Discount vouchers

10 ATF tokens may be used to get a 250 USD discount at the purchase of a Home Grower


Token buyback

The enterprise will buy back ATF tokens at market price amounting to at least 35% of company profits


Booming market

Cannabis in Canada is a market with 25% minimum annual growth for the next couple of years, according to Forbes


White Paper


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Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy


Meet our Team

The founders have formed the ATF team, which specializes in vertical indoor farming solutions. Most of our agronomists and engineers are former employees of the company Agronomof, the first russian agro holding, pioneer of vertical farming in Russia that ran under the FIBONACCI brand. After Agronomof’s closure, these kept researching in the vertical farming field, carrying on the solid R&D activities related to vertical farming based on the combination of hydroponics and LED lighting. The current company was officially registered in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 2016. With the launch of the first industrial vertical farms in Russia, the company’s focus since has been on providing a state-of-the-art indoor farming solution for strawberry cultivation, revolutionizing the industry in Russia.

Ilya Tsigvintsev

Ilya Tsigvintsev

CEO & Founder

Experience in business is 15 years. He was engaged in the sale of construction equipment, production of building materials, founded a company for the installation of video equipment, was engaged in tender supplies for state enterprises.

Alexander Basov

Alexander Basov

COO & Co-Founder

He is engaged in analytical and marketing issues, organizes business processes, strategic development of ATF. Experience in business for 10 years, opened a courier delivery company, an advertising agency – a printing house.

Alexey Kovnerchuk

Alexey Kovnerchuk

Technical Engineer

Developed an algorithm for controlling the microclimate and nutrient solution. Engineer-designer, specializing in automation of technological processes of growing plants with modern methods. Experience in plant growing for more than 5 years, there is a patent.

Kirill Smirnov

Kirill Smirnov

Agro technology

Specialist in organic farming. More than 5 years own production of organic substrates. In the company he holds the post of technologist, the main task is the introduction of humic substances into hydroponic systems

Alexander Orlov

Alexander Orlov

Industrial Designer

An Industrial Designer. Created all types of possible modifications and additions in the existing designs to enhance product efficiency.

Elena Sheromova

Elena Sheromova


Jurisprudence. Advocate. Legal and economic issues.

Elena Makhlina

Elena Makhlina


She worked at the scientific research institute of the Ural State University as a scientific employee since 2015. She is responsible for the selection of optimal conditions for the cultivation of different crops. Conducted scientific research for various new varieties of plants.

Sergey Mosolov

Sergey Mosolov


Specialization in the field of enterprise management systems, client-server applications in UNIX environments. Work experience more than 20 years.


Greg Limon

Greg Limon

Founder at Canada Capital Group Inc.

Greg has been involved in multiple business directions such as medical, legal, real estate development, high tech, production, trading commodities, with partners he has led 2 successful IPOs . Additionally, he has advised many blockchain projects such as Tradove, Play2live, Cannasos, Uservice and many more who raised a total of more than 100.000.000 $

Philipp Omenitsch

Philipp Omenitsch

Partnerships and Investor Relations

Philipp has privately advised on several ICOs and is an expert in the blockchain technology.

Eli Bernstein

Eli Bernstein

Innovation Strategist

Eli has extensive experience in strategy, policy making and commercialization of innovative products.He advised on a number of blockchain and crypto projects and focuses on business development, investor relationships and technology & talent sourcing.

Stan Milc

Stan Milc


Stan Milc generator of ideas, able to translate dreams into reality. With his spirit and enthusiasm, he inspires others and helps form professional teams. He is determined and never gives up. 7 years in business as a developer and entrepreneur, co-founder and investor.

Kevin Benckendorf

Kevin Benckendorf


Kevin has been doing marketing for multiple ICOs and has been into the cryptosphere for several years.

In the media

ATF tokens emission structure

Tokens are created with an ERC20 token smart contract. Tokens will be minted only on purchase.

Token Sale Timeline and Token Details

The pre-ICO campaign will start on February 16, 2018 and will last until February 23, 2018.

  • The maximum number of tokens is limited to hard cap of 500 ETH in the presale.
  • The collected funds will be used to for marketing and preparation of the ICO.

The ICO campaign will start on February 24 and will last until March 24, 2018

  • The maximum number of tokens for the ICO is limited to a Hard Cap of maximum 10 000 ETH.
  • We will refund the contributed money in the main token sale (ICO) if we do not reach the Soft Cap of minimum $1,300,000. Since it would mean that the interest industry is low and also the gathered capital would be not enough.


The Pre ICO campaign


Investment attraction (ICO)

February-March 2018


    • April – May 2018.

Purchase land plot in a industrial zone in Canada. Designing and obtaining permissive documentation.

    • May – June 2018.

Construction of production facilities and industrial factory equipment installation

    • June – August 2018.

Commissioning of industrial equipment and pre-launch activities

    • September 2018.

National sales start in Canada

    • October 2018.

National sales start in USA. In order to comply with the principles of openness and transparency during all stages of the project’s implementation, an online broadcast will inform on the progress of construction of the industrial plant using cameras. The cameras will be located on the territory of the construction site, later at the factory itself, allowing for a complete supervision by investors.

More info on our roadmap and previous achievements can be found here.

Tokens repurchase

All information related to buyback activities from the open market of ATF tokens can be found in the ATF token section.


For marketing proposals you can message us at [email protected]

Legal address

22 Leoforos Makariou III / Makaria Center / Larnaca 6016 Republic Cyprus