Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of an ATF Home Grower?

ATF Home Grower is a fully automated indoor appliance for cannabis and other vegetable cultivation at home. Does neither require any specific knowledge nor professional skills in crops growing. Based on ATF team substantial experience in industrial hydroponics and LED grow lighting, all technologies are safe, efficient and sustainable providing customers with rich organic product yield shortly. All agricultural cycles related to the growth and harvest of a crop are running automatically and may be easily monitored via Smartphone.

What is this technology about?

Our approach formed on a combination of hydroponics with LED lighting to secure the optimal way for plant growing. All plants get nutrient supplements mixed with water along with air. The hydroponics method stimulates plants to grow faster as compared to the traditional agricultural approach. A balanced nutrient solution contains such macro elements as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S) e.t.c. All additives used in hydroponics ideally feed plants, unlike natural soil, which is not capable of producing a large amount of nutrients ideal for plant growth.
The scripted system provides the required quantity of supplements to plant roots.

Who are the potential buyers of ATF?

The target audience consists of farmers from cities and towns, who sell and exchange seeds. At the moment our team works on the development of the next stage — an industrial trade.

How can one sell the grown microgreens from Canada to Moldova?

We plan to create conditions for the rent and sale all over the world. Our team also plans to grow and sell the microgreens around the world with the help of blockade technology.

How to operate the ATF farm?

Currently we develop a management system, which will be built into the Smart House system, and an irrigation management system with remote control. All of this within a united ecosystem.

Any information about the potential of the market?

According to forecasts, by 2021, sales in North America will exceed 26.2 billion dollars. The United States are predicted to experience an aggregate annual increase of 25%. The report includes the US and Canada for the first time,  because it is moving towards the introduction of marijuana for adult use. Investors are mainly interested in investing in new technologies related to the cannabis industry, such as household appliances and new fast-growing technologies supported by applications.

Are there any competitive advantages of your product?

The current moment both US and Canada markets are relatively young and not saturated, despite a significant rise of cannabis consumers. ATF Home Grower is a brand-new home appliance differentiates from the few existing, not market ready labels by the following features:

  • Automated short growing cycle of plants in light of an optimal balance of water and fertilizers in collaboration with defined efficient LED lights.
  • A scheme of two vegetation cells installed inside the appliance presenting an option to get the yield of two large plants in sequence. Thus, there is no need for the customer to have a long waiting period as suggested by our competitors. Two vegetative cells may spontaneously provide customers with fresh organic cannabis harvest every week.
  • ATF farm is the only one manufacturer who focuses the complete automation of the vegetative processes occurring inside the appliance. It means that there is no necessity to conduct numerous checkups of pH level, carbon filters rotation, TDS calibration, nutrient cartridges replacement. The only activities you have to commit to are to plant the seeds and harvest your crops. You should also clean it twice a year and when nutrients run low add them (every 2-3 months).
  • There is no additional hidden maintenance cost which appears to be quite unexpected for users. ATF buyers get a free set of supplements covering needs in nutrition for one year at least.
  • An elegant design makes ATF home a new distinguishable part, considerably individualizing your residential interior and attracting attention of guests.
  • ATF farms are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Unlike substantial number of new teams applying for ICO funding, ATF team accumulated serious experience in indoor cultivation and home farms design and production.
When are you planning to deliver ATF farms to customers?

August 2018 USA
October 2018 Canada
January 2019 Global

Does this product already exist?

Yes, in comparison with the majority of ICO projects we have already developed and tested an ATF agro appliance. On the other hand due to the luck of relevant production facilities there is no opportunity to make considerable sales, therefore the main task of ICO round is to launch a large-scale production of ATF farms in the Canada.

Is there any calculations of product payback period for a customer?

About 2 years (in case of cannabis growing).

What's the estimate shipping cost in the US?

Approx 200-300 USD within the USA.

How much does additional nutrition cost?

85 USD for annual bundle.

How much electricity does the system consume?

Less than typical indoor AC.

Which plants can be grown with ATF?

Cannabis, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs.

What is agro appliance size?

6,66*1,77*3,02 feet.

Is your corporate apps free for users?

Yes, it is free. Compatible either iOS and Android.

Do you provide ATF farms with manufacturer warranty?

Yes. 24 months.

What is the token supply?

The total max supply of ATF tokens is 1 431 000. ATF tokens will be issued as they are sold.

When will I get my tokens, which are purchased during the ICO campaign?

Tokens ATF are issued on the basis of the Ethereum platform (the standard ERC20 smart contract). The token ATF immediately goes to the buyer’s account.

What is the period of return on investment?

Estimated total return on investment will take 8 month. After the ICO, which will last for about a month and will be held in March 2018, if the soft cap is reached, the mass production will be started. At the ICO stage ATF offers tokens to investors. ATF tokens granting the right to buy a single ATF appliance with a substantial discount up to 250 USD off from.  The ICO present a win-win situation for investors, as it offers ease of access to ATF products in priority.

Why do you use a Cyprus company?

There are certain limitations to sell crypto currencies in Canada and Russia. As investments are made in crypto currency, such as Ethereum, they will be received and sold overseas. The money is credited to the USD account of the company, and afterwards is transferred to the account of our company in Canada. The Company is registered in Cyprus as one of the most friendly states for ICO campaigns and also for the later possibility of an IPO.

ICO will be conducted in a manner that promotes investor trust and confidence, complying with all laws and regulations.

I am interested in your product but can I become an investor?

ATF token prize is equal to a 25 USD discount for an ATF home farm appliance and maximum discount for one appliance is 250 USD. Also granting a holder an investor rights. The project secured in a transparent way of funds raising and allocation.

How many tokens are you offering during the ICO sale?

Hard cap 500 ETH during the pre-ICO sale, Hard cap 10 000 ETH during the ICO sale. In total, no more than 1.431.000 ATF tokens can be issued.

How could be the ATF token beneficial for me personally?

When the ICO is over, the funds are accumulated at the investment account of the ATF Company. All responsibility is taken by a Canada-origin ATF manufacturer.

ATF tokens will be listed on the leading crypto exchanges and repurchased by the issuer from the open market. The number of tokens repurchased will be at least 35 % of profits for each year.
We will not announce when we repurchase them in order not to influence the price, but the number of tokens in our account will be visible on the blockchain.

Investors will receive the right to exchange ATF token for shares of the company in the case of the IPO.

What is your plan if you fail to collect the necessary amount during the ICO?

In this case all funds will be returned to investors.

How much money do you need to build a factory?

According to the assessment of the feasibility study ATF, the total cost of the project in the minimum is 1 375 000 USD. The optimal amount of the collection is 4 500 000 USD.

Can your customers feel safe? How can legal issues be settled?

We are a real enterprise acting as limited liability company (LLC), registered in British Columbia, Canada and taking full responsibility and legal risks for all operations related to the ATF Canada business activity.

Why don't you find an investor and earn billions with such a perspective technology?

We selected ICO as the most effective crowdfunding instrument to raise funds simultaneously following a win-win strategy which is advantageous either for investors or the enterprise.
The ICO helps to launch construction. Our project is actually a venture for a potential investor. Typical investors demand a majority stake in the Company (51%-80%). Therefore, in fact we sell the technology and the investor becomes its beneficial owner. That is why we have decided to turn to the crowd investments with the blockchain, this will allow us maintaining the ownership title and sharing only a part of the profit with the investors. The amount to be raised is not large, but sufficient to launch the manufacturing process.

When will I get my tokens purchased during crowd sale?

Tokens will be automatically issued to you, as soon as the crypto currency is transferred successfully to the contract.

Which crypto currency can I use to buy the tokens during crowd sale?

During the crowd sale, we only accept Ethereum (ETH). You need to transfer crypto currency to the contract address shared during the crowd sale on this website. Please do not send any crypto currency from exchange. You need to transfer it from your exchange to a Wallet (For example: & then transfer it to the contract address shared during crowd sale on our website.

How can I be sure that my tokens are not lost?

You need to make sure that the contract address is correct. Please note that we do not share the contract address by email, social media or in any chat channels. You need to visit the site to get the correct address. Also make sure you use a wallet where you own the private key. If you don’t understand what this means, please ask or use

How can I secure myself from fraud?

Please make sure you don’t click on any phishing mails sent to you. Since our ICO is very popular, scammers will try to share wrong contract address during the crowd sale on social media channels or chat channels. Do not follow any of them. Please check the contract address only on this site: